Frequently asked questions

Why is the size rating of my air conditioner important?

Efficient air con units cycle on and off keeping the temperature controlled, humidty out and air clean in your home. If your air conditioner is not the correct size, the following may happen: - ​Too Small - The compressor will run 100% of the time, increasing running costs and machinery wear and tear. - Too Large - The compressor will not turn on often enough to remove humidity from the room resulting in a damp, uncomfortable atmosphere.

How often should the air conditioner / filters be cleaned?

A general indication is when the filter ‘indicator’ light flashes – however it does really depend on the environment and/or the air purity. In a clean domestic situation once every season is normally adequate. In a commercial situation, once every month is mandatory.

What is a back-to-back installation?

This applies to the installation of a ‘split’ system. If the installation is back-to-back, the indoor unit is positioned on the interior wall adjacent to the outdoor unit, reducing the length of the connecting (refrigeration) pipe-run between the two units.

What benefits does a ducted system have over a split system?

A ducted air conditioning system is designed to air condition more than one room within your home. The indoor fan coil unit is situated manually in the ceiling space and is connected to the outdoor condensing unit. Individual outlets are situated in each room with the air conditioning controlled by a central controller. Unlike the ducted system, the split system is primarily designed to air condition only one room. If you are looking for an even flow with air conditioning throughout the entire home, our air conditioning installers recommend a ducted system.

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